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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 4, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. congratulations to you, mr. president, on your anniversary, i'm sure this was the most reman tick place you could imagine here with me. >> the surprising comment about big bird that has a lot of people talking. a guy on the tracks, armed with some rocks, the confrontation with the law that brought the rush hour commute to a screeching halt. >> initially i thought the cough was bronchitis. >> cleaner isn't always better. how it's making some people sick. good evening. i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. jobs, taxes, health care. and big bird? yes, the first presidential
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debate is in the books. the consensus was that mitt romney desperately needed a strong showing. and as grace lee shows us, he pretty much delivered. >> reporter: the polls show that the former governor knocked it out of the park. 500 uncommitted voters asked who won this debate. 46% said it was romney. only 20% said the president was the victor for the night. the man who has been fighting to show that he relates to the average american this whole election cycle, 56% of those polled say they had a better opinion of the former governor now. what started out as cordial quickly became heated. >> governor romney's proposal that he's been promoting for 18 months calls for a $5 million tax cut. and he is saying that he is going to pay for it by closing
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loopholes in deductions. the problem is, he's been asked over 100 times how you would close those deductions and loopholes and he hasn't been able to identify them. >> everything you just said about my tax plan is inaccurate. so if the tax plan he described were a tax plan i was asked to support, i would say absolutely not. i'm not looking for a $5 trillion tax cut. what i've said is i won't put in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> for 18 months he's been running on this tax plan. now, five weeks before the election, he's saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> my priority is jobs. there's nothing better for getting us to a balanced budget than having more people working, earning more money, paying more taxes. that's by far the most effective and efficient way to get this budget balanced. >> reporter: while romney made the case that he would be better at creating jobs, the president questioned how the former governor would control the financial sector. >> does anybody out there think
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that the big problem we had is that there was too much oversight and regulation of wall street? >> look, we have to have regulation of wall street. that's why i'd have regulation. but i wouldn't designate five banks as too big to fail and give them a blank check. this is the biggest kiss that's been given to new york banks i've ever seen. >> reporter: on to health care. romney returned to his recurring theme, calling obamacare a job killer. >> i just don't know how the president could come into office, facing rising unemployment, an economic crisis at the kitchen table and spend his energy and passion for two years fighting for obamacare instead of fighting for jobs for the american people. it has killed jobs. >> reporter: the president argued that romney... >> the irony is that we've seen this model work really well. in massachusetts. because governor romney did a
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good thing. >> reporter: then it was on to leadership. romney implied there has been a lack of it in washington with the president at the helm. >> i like the way we did it in massachusetts. i like the fact that in my state we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single republican vote entirely on a partisan basis instead of bringing america together. you pushed through something that you and nancy pelosi and harry reid put together. >> governor romney is going to have a busy first day, because he's also going to repeal obamacare, which will not be very popular with democrats. >> reporter: joining me now is our political analyst. does it come down to preparation and what about the body language that said something to the audience tonight? >> well, preparation does matter. and let's remember that mitt romney has had 18 months to practice this.
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he's had lots of debates, been on it much longer than frankly the president, who has been unopposed. in some ways, with respect to preparation, what you saw with the president was someone who had not played the game of basketball for a long time, a pickup game today, and he forgot some of the rules. like you saw right here, the president was not aware of how he was coming across on television. didn't look good. the governor on the other hand has done a lot of these and it showed tonight. he was much more practiced and polished. >> we want to talk about the format as well. jim lehrer is being criticized for not really controlling the candidates. >> the president began this segment, so i think i get the last word. >> no. you're going to get the first word in the next segment. your minute is up -- >> no. i had five seconds before he interrupted me. >> do you think he was being lax with the candidates? why did he let them kind of run
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the whole debate? >> first, as a former candidate myself, you will get away with whatever you can get away with in these debates, and if that means taking a little extra time, that's what you'll do, push the envelope to get the words out. from jim lehrer's perspective, he's actually a very good debate monitor, but tonight he followed his instincts of someone who interviews people on television. the two of them were actually talking to each other, so he just let them go, and there were some good exchanges, in his defense. >> we talk about that on live tv, you gotta play to your instincts. we want to show you one more sound bite. this is about romney and big bird. >> i'm sorry, jim. i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i love pbs. i love big bird. actually like you too. but i'm not going to keep on spending money and borrowing money from china to pay for it, no. 1. >> is that harsh?
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>> it's harsh when we're focusing on big bird. but romney's point was that too much of our debt has been accumulated by china and other countries as well. what he didn't mention was that china was buying that up when george w. bush was president as well. but the fact that i had to point that out on the air tonight is an illustration of what barack obama didn't do. the president frankly should have been politely in his face, saying that's not accurate, just like the presentation about romney's health care program. the president should have merely said the governor is being a hypocrite. he did this in massachusetts. and the president frankly didn't do that tonight. i think that's the reason that people said that they gave the nod to mitt romney tonight. in the end, we've seen how people are going to vote in november. we've got two more debates to do. i think you'll see a different
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barack obama in two weeks. >> joe is going to be with us next week for the vice presidential debate, giving us analysis then. >> thanks so much. you know, it would take hours for a full debate fact check, so we're just going to look at two, courtesy of the associated press. president obama suggested that the united states will save money by winding down the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the truth? the wars were funded with borrowed money, so ending them only means less borrowing, not a new pool of available cash. and then there was mr. romney's claim that the president's health care plan creates an unelected board to tell people what kind of treatments they can have. the truth? the board looks at overall medical costs and by law does not have the power to tell doctors what treatments they can prescribe. starting tomorrow, president obama and mitt romney weigh in on the issues in an exclusive presidential forum
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on the web. it took the full 162 games, but tonight the oakland a's sit atop the american league west. that's what it looked like in the locker room. in front of a sell-out crowd, the a's completed a late-season surge. there was more talk of the team leaving town than actually winning their division. now they have clinched home field advantage in the first round of the play-offs. >> we're not finished yet! i realize that. we're gonna enjoy it right now. it's an unbelievable feeling. >> it was great. we haven't had this kind of turnout all year. they're going to come out and support us in such a close race, it got our blood pumping quite a bit. >> too many times people want to point to intangibles and not recognize that there's no such
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thing as being lucky for 162 games. >> so who, where and when will oakland play next? dennis will have all the details coming up in sports. we have developing news in vallejo where police say a neighborhood dispute ended with two men being shot and killed. it happened around 6:00 on folsom way. a witness confronted two men who lived across the street and minutes later, shots rang out. the suspect is in custody. and the bizarre confrontation on the caltrain tracks turned the evening commute into a mess. it took place near the deeridan station in san jose. >> reporter: dana, police say a man was contacting strangely and when they first made contact with him, he was laying across the train tracks. video from chopper 5 shows the crime scene. san jose police said it was an
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unusual slow-motion foot chase. >> it was not necessarily what you call a typical foot pursuit. it lasted several minutes. >> reporter: a man was spotted wondering on the tracks in san jose. san mateo county sheriff's deputies provide security for caltrain, and they ordered the man to stop, but he kept walking. this went on for about 15 minutes, as they walked more than a quarter mile down the track. investigators say the man armed himself with rocks and possibly a metal spike. >> at some point, the suspect displayed some type of threatening behavior toward the officers, that the san mateo county sheriff's deputy believed was a danger to his safety and that of the other deputies and he fired several rounds at the suspect. the suspect was struck twice. >> reporter: paramedics took him to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. the whole incident shut down service to and from san jose for about two hours during the evening commute. the man is 29 years old, from
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san jose, now being treated at valley medical center and could face charges of assault. i just want him back. >> what kind of a rat would steal a little girl's puppy? the south bay girl who is offering everything in her piggy bank to get her little doggy back. some promise to help you lose weight. others they say they'll make you healthier. the surprising number of supments that don't do what they claim. plus, why being too clean can actually backfire. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but, they snatched more than just electronics: they thieves broke into a south bay home but they snatched more than just electronics. they loss stole a little girl's puppy. the puppy's name is meeko. he's a six-month-old yorkie-
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shih tzu mix. and now the puppy's owner says that all she wants is her dog back. she's offering every last penny in her piggy bank to bring him home. >> can you just like bring him back? that would mean so much to me. >> what mother wants to tell their children that part of their life has been taken away? and i can't do anything about it. >> now, this is the second time the family's house had been broken into. a $6,000 reward is also being offered for the dog's return. it was a cheap new place to get groceries in the south bay. wal-mart. it's in the same building where safeway used to be. more of these neighborhood markets will be opening later in other parts of the bay area. the store is wal-mart's way of competing against other grocery store chains such as safeway, whole foods and lucky's.
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>> i like that it's just a grocery store. yeah. they have good pricing. >> i really think it should be a good addition in this economy. >> the wal-mart's neighborhood markets have a full line of groceries, meat and dairy products and fresh, local produce, all at discount prices. a lot of people take them but a new report warns that dozens of weight loss and dietary supplements do not deliver the results they promise. cbs news medical correspondent dr. don on the report to watch out for. >> reporter: some are labeled that they treat a disease. and that's illegal. this label is legal because it claims to boost the immune system and support overall health but it does not say it treats a specific disease. this label for a product containing algae and a herb
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called heal all is illegal, because it claims to treat herpes and the flu. >> this report raises questions about the extent to which these claims are truthful and not misleading, because the fda doesn't have the ability to look at the substantiation behind the claims, so there's really no way for them or consumers to know whether or not the claims are truthful. >> reporter: the fda has only limited power to regulate supplements because federal law classifies them as food, not drugs. products are required to be safe but the fda only monitors them after they're on the market. when it comes to proof, supplement makers are only required to say research has been done. they're not required to show it to the fda. the natural products association, the main trade group of the supplement industry, issued a statement saying this small sample of supplements shouldn't smear the entire industry. the investigators looked at 127 supplements claiming to boost the immune system or help with
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weight loss. none met all of the fda's recommendations for proving the products actually worked. cbs news, new york. now you might expect a shower to be one of the cleanest places in your home. as it turns out, being too clean can sometimes backfire. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook on the natural phenomenon that's causing people's showers to make them sick. >> reporter: katie couldn't understand what was happening to her. >> initially i thought the cough was just bronchitis. >> reporter: she was out of breath, had a constant cough and was rapidly losing weight. >> i thought that it would go away. >> reporter: she went to doctor after doctor, but it only got worse. finally, katie learned she had an illness called mtn and even more shocking, he likely got it
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from her shower. >> they are small bacteria. they cause disease in humans, pulmonary disease. >> you don't just contract this illness from the shower. it can be found in any water. the microscopic bacteria can be found in bath water. we took with it. we even drink it. >> human beings are surrounded by these organisms. >> reporter: but the bacteria are extremely resilient and now more and more are getting sick as the bacteria silently destroys lung tissue. >> we've created a better environment for these organisms. the organism enters the lungs. usually the patients present with symptoms of weakness, a persistent cough. they can have night sweats. their oxygen exchange in the lungs is not so good, so they're always weak.
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>> we've had 400 different patients with microbacteria. >> reporter: pulmonologist dr. david says most people are not acceptable to the bacteria, but for those who have a history of lung problems, for elderly patients and people with compromised immune systems, ntm can be life-threatening. >> you can see the crud that i picked up. >> reporter: and the proof is right in front of us as he takes off a showerhead. >> this has got lots of it. >> reporter: for katie, life has changed dramatically. no more showers and she only drinks bottled water. but at least she's finally feeling better. >> there's so many different ,,,
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weather time. meteorologist pa deanno with the forecast. boy, do we see a big change, especially in downtown san francisco. we literally changed seasons in like two hours. look at the difference between 4:00 yesterday and 4:00 this afternoon. 94, down to 64. 30-degree drop in one day. in downtown oakland, you had the same thing. 95 yesterday. this afternoon, only 71 degrees. beautiful shot of the tower. marine layer still pretty thin
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but we are getting chilly. san jose, you're at 62. and livermore, currently 64 degrees. overnight tonight we're looking at low 50's for fremont, redwood city. san rafael, 51. napa, 51. san francisco dropping down to 54. that low pressure area that was to our south giving us an offshore wind is now off to our west, grabbing the influence from the cool pacific ocean. that means cloud cover in the morning and definitely some cooler afternoons. this weekend, so many events going on. it's going to be chilly. near the bay, highs only in the upper 60's. next week, low pressure will be right over us, giving us the chance of scattered showers next monday and tuesday. for tomorrow, the cool-down continues. below-normal for oakland, for concord and for san jose. pick the town closest to you. it's going to be a lot chillier. hayward, only 69. 78 for pleasant hill. dublin, 77. and we'll see sunshine in the
2:03 am
afternoon for sonoma and alameda. the cool-down will continue. look at the weekend. cloudier, cooler, upper 60's near the bay. and chance of showers next monday and tuesday. time for sports! this afternoon the a's had a very dramatic win. tonight they have suffered a very t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to be with his wife for the birth of their son. tonight he tweeted, please pray for my family. my wife and i lost our son 24 hours after he was born. the couple later tweeted there was no cause of death. a's trail texas 5-1. but just as they have done all season, the a's battle back. yoenis cespedes hit what should have an ending fly ball, but josh hamilton shockingly drops the baseball. the a's never look back. >> you know, didn't catch it. i mean, just missed it. so, you know, no excuse for it. >> the a's blew it open at that point. a 12-5 lead in the ninth. then the finaout. >> that's going to do it. coco is there and he's got it and the a's have won the west! and they've done it, after trailing by five games with
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nine to play! >> it's unbelievable! >> woo! >> i told griffin, once that rally starts, i said, don't worry! this team can rake! >> ah, it's so cool! >> tired of drinking champagne? >> am i what? am i what? is that a question? huh? let's get some real questions over here. heck, no! >> the yankees won tonight so the a's will be the no. 2 seed in the play-off. game is saturday at 3:00 on tbs. oakland will face cabrera. he became the first player in 45 years to win baseball's triple crown with 44 home runs and 139 runs batted in.
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the giants-dodgers game was meaningless today except for that man. buster posey went 0-for-2, but he became the first national league catcher to win a batting title since 1942. and former giants... he survived the third round of the competition. he is lumping around -- limping around on a little bad knee that he hurt in the first episode. >> that's it. tough day for the a's but i think everybody in the bay area's prayers go out for pat neshek. >> i think billy holding his young son. he said ,,,,,,
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all the right with the world, natural air conditioning coming in to the


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